Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sir Will

From living and attending school in Atlanta, GA. for the past 3 years, Ive come to realize that this place is truly the mecca of talented artist and individuals. The latest artist to cross my path is a guy by the name of Sir Will. Sir Will is a songwriter, musician, and rapper known for his stylistic choice of music, unique sound, and originality. His sound covers many musical genres, which include rock, jungle, funk, hip hop, and pop. The eclectic range of influences in his music includes Andre 3000, LiL Wayne, Prince, Kanye West, Cold Play, and DeAngelo. The first time I listened to his music was through a good friend and business personal of mine Danielle Jeter. Some may remember a post done on her and her profound business "Affairs of Isis". Knowing how Jeter never deals with anything bad, I knew this guy had to be something serious.

Sir Will, grew up in Stone Mountain, GA. not far from the busy money making city of Atlanta. Not long after his completion of High School, Sir Will became a familiar face around Atlanta winning several talent shows hosted by radio station Hot107.9 ATL Talent, which led to an opportunity to perform at the Birthday Bash, BET Blaze the Stage, and many other high-profile events. He honed his skills and went on to win a number of talent contests. This success attracted many record label representatives. With the ups and downs of the music industry, Sir Will managed to become apart of a record label that understood his passion and drive for the music he loved. Later signing with Avalon Music Group (AMG) to manage his career. He was mentioned in the March 2009 issue of Atlanta’s Rolling Stone magazine after performing at a showcase featuring LiL Wayne, which is by far, the most memorable moment in his music career. He has released two installments in his "Road 2 Rose" mixture series including "The Rose Dawson edition" and "The Detour".

Sir Will’s performance at New York’s SOB club has only added credibility to his exquisite sound and talent. Just recently this month, Sir Will has been chosen to participate in MTV’s Break the Band Competition. He will soon begin touring in Germany with other large Atlanta artists such as Nivea and Rasheeda. This is only the beginning for Sir Will and he has already won the hearts of many. The magnitude of his creative and distinctive sound will only continue to captivate music lovers worldwide. Trust and believe! This isn't the last time you'll be hearing about Sir Will. His Twitter page and own personal website has already gain public attention. Officials here at The Black Tie Affair, will defiantly keep our eyes open for this artist. Just remember you heard of him here!
We send much love and respect to Danielle Jeter and the team at "Affairs of Isis", also to Sir Will and his camp.

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Nicki Minaj "Your Love" Official Video

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!! Earlier today Nicki Minaj, The Harajuku Barbie released the first video off her long awaited album that's due to drop Nov. 22nd. The First single off the album is "Your Love" and while its not one of Nicki's hardcore rap records, It feels good to hear here singing on a track for a change. The video details a story between Nicki and her Sensei. Without giving too much away, lets just say if u a die hard Nicki fan, you won't like the ending. But TBTA is broadcasting the Official Video for you now. #teamMinaj stand up. I can't wait for the album to drop, its gonna b SICK!!!!


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