Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jasmine's Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: How come things can never be balanced? How come we can never have the love of our life and the perfect career?

Tiny & Toya

The long awaited series Tiny & Toya has officially aired two episodes of it first season. Where most reality shows really show their potential is in the first few episodes, that's when viewers really decide weather or not its worth rushing home from work to see. On the night of the 2009 BET Awards, the sneak peak of the first season aired, and views fell in love with the two ladies. Tiny, a former member of the 90's group Xcape, and fiance to Hip-Hop artist T.I. really brings you into her life through the show. We watch her battle for her own independence, while striving to be a loving mother, supportive companion to TIP, and friend to Toya. While it seems she has it all, there is still a sense of emptiness in her life. And at this point in the show T.I. is getting ready to go away to prison for his year and a day sentence, so this forces Tiny to figure how will she deal with the absence of him, and still live her own life. Toya, the ex-wife of rapper Lil' Wayne is struggling to deal with her own issues. Her love life seems to be in shingles, and the quest to keep her mother off drugs, seems to trouble her daily, along with raising her daughter Reginae, whom she and Wayne had at the age of 15. Toya, a 7 ward New Orleans native, is really trying to make a name for herself out side of Lil' Wayne; but to the public eye she seems to be stuck in the "Baby Mama" category. Together, these two ladies take on the city of Atlanta by storm in their quest for supreme happiness, but with the tabloids constantly on their tails, its hard to prove themselves out side of their famous companions. This show will truly go far, a lot of people want to sleep on it, and not take it serious, but if you remember when Keyshia Cole first aired her show a few years ago, people knew it would be some mess, and now its one of BET's greatest projects, so tune in to Tiny & Toya every Tuesday, and see for yourself.....

The Wendy Williams Show

Early this week the radio show diva Wendy Williams broadcast her talk show on BET. As if the network hadn't had enough new shows, they add Wendy. While I do like some of the stuff Wendy talks about, and she does manage to give you the scoop regardless of what the out come is, I found the first episode of the show quite interesting. On the real, it was very unorganized, and it didn't seem like they had a proper run-through before they hit the air. Anyway, I did like the "Scoop" part of the show, she talked about Solange and Beyonce's relationship and how she supported them to the fullest. As soon as I was getting into the show, these audience members step up to the microphone and wanna talk smack about the Knowles. MAJOR NO NO!!!. But all in all, I liked when Wendy had her radio show live in New York, and broadcast live on VH1, you might remember it as the "Wendy Williams Experience", she had different guest appear in the studio and talked about their issues, now that was my show. But in resent news Wendy had to cancel that show due to issues with her and her sidekick Charlemagne. But here at the Black Tie Affair, we believe in second chances, so we're gonna see just how long Wendy's show will go on BET. I'm wishing her the best!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Black Tie Affair Is On YouTube

Today was the official launch of the Black Tie Affair's Video Promotion on YouTube. The video was created by J.O, an up and coming artist that the Black Tie came across. Checkout this masterpiece he created for the site. And I hope all of you support, and get the video a billion hits!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Introducing J.O.

The Black Tie Affair Blog is looking into expanding its blogs to new music, and is on the search for the hottest talent around; rappers, poets, musicians, etc. The latest artist to come across the Black Tie Movement is 19 year old J.O. A Memphis, TN native and a Sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University. J.O likes to consider himself as a lyricist/poet turned rapper. I can't tell you how long its been since we've seen young talent with this positive attitude. But what makes him different from the other is that, he isn't your typical behind the scenes writer. J.O likes to be hands on with his music, in this process he does everything from the composing to the craft of his videos. Although J.O is an upcoming artist, he as taken the technology avenue by storm, by first uploading his tracks on the infamous YouTube, and now the Black Tie Affair. With his southern roots planted firmly in the heart of Memphis, J.O walks the grounds of the great artists who came before him like Yo Gotti and Three 6 Mafia. So here is one of J.O's latest tracks with the lady of Young Money, Nikki Minaj, as they both murder the "Go Hard" track with some crazy lyrics. Stay tuned to more from J.O cause the Black Tie Affair is really feeling this cat, and after you hear him, so will you....

Friday, July 10, 2009

Dawn & Que Forever???

Since the airing of Making the Band 4, the relationship of Dawn (formally of Danity Kane) and Que (a member of Day 26) has been the biggest topic, aside from all the drama they faced among the two groups. In the last season of Making the Band, we watched Dawn and Que's relationship grow extremely close while the issues of Danity Kane seemed to turn for the worst, causing Diddy to disband the group. In Dawn's sever time of depression and search for her next musical move, we see Que step up to the plate and really be the support system she needed. Normally in reality show history, the on screen love affairs don't last, just long enough to get the ratings. But with Dawn & Que I can see this lasting a while. Who know maybe to the altar. A few days ago the two took some interesting pics. Que calls them their alter ego's. But Dawn is really looking good with the short hair. Much love to the both of them, I hope things work out for the two of you.

Return Of The Nerds

This season at the Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Week. The two famous designers launched their styles surrounding the nerd look that has come back. While D&G are known for their classy expensive pieces, they managed to incorporate the nerdy glasses, tight fit trousers, and chic vintage sports coats. Kudos to you D&G this is defiantly the style for the summer, it gives everyone to show their inner nerd.

Sasha Fierce Has Done It Again...

A few days ago Beyonce (Sasha Fierce) released the video to her latest single "Sweet Dreams". Like everything else Bey does, this video is high tech and futuristic as all the other songs on the Sasha Fierce side of her 2009 LP. She opens the video with her sleeping and her famous 2 girl back up, like in Single Ladies, pops into the scene with a quick snap of her hips. She plays around with the camera creating different allusions to add to the tempo of the song. If you ask me, Sasha really took control of this video and truly made this a sweet dream, and a beautiful nightmare. BEY RULES THE WORLD!!!...check out the video for yourself, i promise you'll love it.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Good Bye Vibe Magazine

Its official!!! Vibe Magazine is coming to a close. For the past 15 years Vibe has been the voice to the people and as of June 30th it will no longer rise to the occasion. Over the years, Vibe has had everyone from Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Jay-Z, Diddy, and T.I just to name a few; and lets not forget the controversial 2Pac cover that Lil' Wayne some years later re-did. Its sad that Vibe will no longer be on the shelves, but it held it down for 15 years and it will truly continue to be a classic in the hip-hop industry.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Is The Thriller Jacket Coming Back???

Since the death of MJ a few weeks ago, it seems like his infamous Thriller jacket is making a comeback. I understand just how important Michael was/is the the world, but i think people are taking it entirely to far. Ive seen tattoos of MJ and even people changing their entire wardrobe to match Michael Jackson's. This fiasco is a mess, can we let the man rest in peace please!!!....

Good Girl Gone BAD!!!

Ever since the official Chris Brown and Rihanna case, its seems like Rihanna has took a turn for the worst. Her last album entitled "Good Girl Gone Bad" was her all time record breaking album, out selling her first "Music of the Sun, and sophomore LP "A Girl Like Me". Rihanna seemed to be at the top of her game, dropping hit after hit. But during the Grammy season, her edgy image took a spiral swirl downward. Her relationship with Chris Brown began to gain over sized media and fans felt like they had the play by play of the couple's every move. The media took the story of Chirs beating Rihanna, to their head and within 24hrs of the incident photo shopped pics of Rihanna with cuts and bruises hit the net. Since then, sources have linked Rihanna to tons of different people, even girls. Two weeks ago Ri-Ri released a song entitled Amour, where she confesses her love to a female. She also released pictures of her grabbing and caressing another woman's breasts. In addition to, she apparently has been linked to Drake, Pharrell, and numerous NBA players. I dont know what's Rihanna's deal, but i need her to get it together, ASAP!. I hope she doesn't end up with a reality show. But if its real love she's looking for, then she needs to make sure before she gets in too deep. But she is still killing it with the fashion, upon the news of Michael Jackson's death she put together a neat little outfit in his honor.
C'mon Rihanna, we need you to get back to your old self!!!...and drop another album.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Beautiful Nail Salon

Here is another video from my crazy YouTube collection. Guys ever wondered what really goes on in the Nail Salon, and why Ladies are so picky with who does their service?...This video is mad hillairous, Anjelah Johnson memiks the Asians in the Salon to a tee!..Check it out!!!

Jazmine Sullivan

In the summer of 2008 the music industry got its newest breakout star, Philly native Jazmine Sullivan. Her first official hit single "Need You Bad" brought Jazmine from behind the scene to the lime light that she deserves. For many years, Sullivan was known for writing countless hits for today's R&B singers. Remember Christina Milian's single Say I featuring Young Jeezy, well Jazmine wrote that for her. On her unreleased LP of her Live In London, Jazmine shows the Brits just how this Philly native can sing you right out of your socks. In addition to, Jaz is no stranger to the spotlight, at the tender age of 14 she appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, and killed a version of "If God Allows", since then people have wondered where did a girl like this get such an extravagant voice. But in 2008 Jazmine stepped to the microphone once again, this time she was recording samples for someone else, she was recording her Grammy nominated album Fearless. And from Track 1 to the Bonus Track "Best of Me" she gives you her heart and soul. Jazmine is truly here to stay!!!! Aside from her released album, Jaz has recorded her own renditions of Round Midnite by Thelonius Monk, Resentment originally recorded by Victoria Beckham, and her own twist to Kanye West's Flashing Lights. And though the originators stamped their permanent label on the songs, Jazmine Sullivan kills it her own way. Cant wait for the next album Jazmine

Skank Robbers...

On the 2009 BET AWARDS, Jamie introduced the trailer for his movie "Skank Robbers" featuring Martin Lawrence. I don't know if its a spoof or they're actually planning on making this movie happen. But I've received nothing but positive feedback for Jamie and Martin to make this happen. Its been years since we've seen Sheneneh and like Martin she's gotten a little older, but thats okay, she still keeping it gangsta!!. And I know some of you wondering where in the heck did this Wanda character cone from. Well when Jamie first broke out in the comedy scene, he debuted on In Livin' Color with the Wayans Bros. and his infamous character Wanda was a big hit. Who would have ever thought that these two would ever team up and rob a bank!...OMG, can we say HIT MOVIE!. If you missed the trailer on the BET AWARDS, your boy dford is providing you with the Official Trailer of what we're calling the must see movie of the century.

Jasmine's Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: How come things have 2 b awkward? Avoiding "awkwardness" puts so many restrictions on my life and my actions towards others.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Drake Hype

Okay, here's a topic I tried to stay away from. But you all are familiar with Drake, he has that song with Lil' Wayne, "Best I Ever Had", and the "Successful" joint with Trey Songz. But on the real I'm trying to understand this "Drake Hype" I don't know what it is, but I just cant get down with this cat. If I remember correctly, isn't her the same dude from Degrassi? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the brother, and I wish him much success, but I'm not feeling the image he's pushing. Today the video for his hit "Best I Ever Had" dropped, and while I love the sexy models he put in the video, it simply had no plot. Many may argue and say that all Hip-Hop videos today are just about money, cars, and cash, but Drake;s video doesn't even posses that. In the video he plays a basketball coach for a female team and tells them that they all are the best...WTF Drake, you could have made that video in your backyard. Michael Jackson would not approve this catastrophe. As though things couldn't get any worse, I know all of you saw his performance on the BET AWARDS, every female I know was sitting in front of the TV waiting to see him come out. So he finally performs the song with Wayne, and all of a sudden it looks like Drake got a little R.Kelly in his blood, cause the girls that came on stage looked about 13-15 years old, and correct me if I'm wrong y'all, was Lil' Wayne's daughter on the stage too?? That was just a mess!!...I hate to see a fellow light skined brother making a mockery of himself. I need Drake to get it together really soon, cause "Successful" is a hit if you ask me, but the video to "Best I Ever Had" is WAAAAAAAAACK! Check it out for your self.....

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

The latest news to surface our scene since Obama was elected President, was the death of the legendary Michael Jackson. And though this isn't the first time you've heard about this tragic incident, best believe it certainly wont be the last. I received a lot of messages, asking me about how i felt about the death of the King of Pop, and honestly it still doesn't seem real. The fact that someone has died is never a understanding topic for me, I can remember in 2001 when the late great Aaliyah passed, it was so mind bottling that someone so talented and beautiful died so tragically. But the thing about Michael is that his music will live on forever, and as cliche as it sounds, its so true. When the media got final confirmation that Jackson was dead BET, MTV, and VH1 played non-stop MJ videos; surprisingly songs you might have heard on movie soundtracks, or food commercials turned out to be hits from MJ. This was truly a trip back down memory lane, and according to iTunes, upon MJ's death his album sales hit the roof even more than when he was alive. record stores recorded that his albums were cleaned off the shelves from fans that just had to have the last little piece of there beloved icon. But with all the issues surrounding the death of the world's greatest artist; news reports say that there have even been suicides surround the death of MJ. Can you believe fans are actually killing themselves over Miachael?...WOW! but when its all said and done, MJ was the best that ever lived, from the Jackson 5 days to Thriller, he RULED!!!
So from the BLACK TIE AFFAIR, we send our special condolences to the Jackson family, and say may MJ rest in peace.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kanye West Has DONe it Again

Today was the official launch of the Louis Vuitton Don's sneaker line with LV. Just when you though Kanye could'nt do enough, he brings his newly attained fashion to the feet of his fans. The DON's, Jasper's, and Mr. Hudson's are the three main shoe names that Kanye launched today. And with the name like Louis Vuitton attached, you know they are not cheep. To grab a pair of Kanye's trendy kicks will run you about $900. WOW!, and I thought the Yeezy's were something. Well I guess college students will be using their refund checks, and homeowners will be a little behind on rent to grab these. Me, I think I'll just admire his style, and not even swipe the card for these. Great idea, bad choice of coloring. Oh! and ya'll may say im wrong for this, but you know how black peple do, someone will defantly try to boot-leg these, so here's the official ATTENTION!....NO SWAGGA JACKIN'. Kanye, your welcome for that.

Jeremih and the "Birthday Sex" fiasco

Today the "Birthday Sex" singer Jeremih released his long waited LP, self titled JEREMIH. From various reviews, it seems that this album is just ok. How could the one person that had every guy wanting some on their birthday, and every female wanting those $900 Guiseppe Zanotti shoes (the shoes that the model is wearing throughout the video) have just an ok album, this was supposed to be the album of the summer. But with the great press that Jeremih has received, it was quite disapointing to see his live performance at the BET AWARDS Red Carpet Show; was it nerves, or he really cant sing. Whatever the case may be, I believe in everyone getting a second chance. So lets just give Jeremih a few more singles, and im sure that this album will be one for the history books. If not, can we say "One Hit Wonder", and years from now we'll be old and grey and remember the summer of 2009 when we had a song like "Birthday Sex" and our children will look at us like WTF?...

Jasmine's Question Of The Day

Here is a new thing im thinking about adding to the blog. My Spelman sister Jasmine post frequent "Questions of the Day" on her Twitter. And they are quite informative, and really makes you think about certain things in life. So here is the first Question of the Day, tell me what you think.

Question of the Day: why should I cont. 2 dress to impress? 9x out of 10 the wrong person is impressed. Be careful who you try to impress...

To All Sorority GIrls

Here's another video from my crazy YouTube collection. And a special ATTENTION to all of the lovey ladies that are in a sorority!, Never do anything that will jeaprodize you as being a member...casue you'll end up like Elise..haha.


Most of you know and love Beyonce', and Destiny's Child. But what were your thoughts about her little sister Solange. Well Solange has been around since the Destiny's Child era, but very very low key. In her own words Solange told the press "I don't want to live in my sister's shadows, I want to make a name for myself". So if you remember her first single From A.M. to P.M. and her cameos with Bow Wow in the Puppy Love Video, you're probably saying, OMG...I REMEMBER HER!. Well Solange has grown up from those days and thus far finally put out a album worth while. Solange Presents: Sol-Angel And The Hadley St. Dreams, is a banger from begining to end, Solange gives you that sound of the 50's and 60's that everyone is craving for today. Her first hit I Decided pt.1 grabbed America by storm and just made you listen to her. Now the song T.O.N.Y. is the latest song from Solange, and if you ask me its a hit!!!...she really shows off her vocals in this one kudos to you Solange, and let the hits keep coming.

Beyonce' I Am...Tour

Its Wed July 1, 2009 and the infamous Beyonce is in Atlanta giving her latest concert at the Phillips Arena. The show kicks off at 7:30, and you knw Bey is gonna give you your money's worth. With this concert, she decided to be recession friendly and have about 1000 tickets that were $20 so even those of us thats living on a budget can attend. The show will be set up into two sections, the I AM... section, which will consist of all the ballets and love songs and the SASHA FIERCE section witch is you up-beat jams..yall know how they go. Ladies you knw you practiced that Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) to death, and guys you know you loving the videos, Bey shows out. Im really wondering if she'll do the Ego Remix cause her and Kenye killed that, and if u haddnt heard it, i need you to hurry up and put that on your iPod ASAP.


My President