Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sell Back Books The Bookstore Won't Take Back!!!

Hello world! When I first saw this I didn't believe it either, but you can actually sell back the books your college bookstore will not take back. The organization is called Belltower Books and they buy back your old books. In its Information Section of the website, Belltower Books says; "Belltower Books was founded by two Cornell students to give fellow students a way to sell all of their textbooks conveniently. As students ourselves, we grew tired of book buy-backs that wouldn't buy all of our texts. As Cornellians, we didn't want to fight hills or snow or exams when selling our books. Now, with Belltower Books, students can turn their old textbooks into quick cash with NO EFFORT!" And now the Northern based organization is here in the AUC. With groups on Facebook, and workers on campus this is defiantly a college students dream. Did I forget to mention, once you schedule an appointment with them, they will come to you and give cash on the spot. I know a lot of y'all are still holding on to books that your various bookstores would not accept back, and they're collecting dust. so TBTA has the official link to Belltower Books. Cash in your books today!!!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Nicki Minaj!!!!

This past weekend the Harajuku Barbie Nicki Minaj celebrated her birthday here in Atlanta. Friday night Nicki and Trina shut down Studio 72 in Atlanta, calling all Barbies and Kens to join them. Doors opened at 11:00 and we partied until 5am. The Black Tie Affair was defiantly in the building to party with Nicki and Trina. There were even surprised guest like Terrance J, Soulja Boy, and Rasheeda. This was the place to be this weekend. In case you missed it. TBTA has official pics from Friday night. Happy Birthday to all the Sags from The Black Tie Affair.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World A.I.D.S Day 2009

Today marks the official World AIDS Day. This epidemic has tainted communities for almost 2 generations. Across the world, their will be different rallies and events taking place. Here at The Black Tie Affair, we give our support to those who suffer from this deadly disease, as well as send special condolences to those that lost the battle with AIDS. Make sure you all practice safe sex, Its better to be SAFE than SORRY. As a whole, we can all stop this disaster from killing our brothers and sisters. So wear your red ribbons, or some form of red to show you support.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Beyonce feat. Lady Gaga Video Phone Remix The Official Video

A few hours ago Beyonce & Sony Music World released the official video for Video Phone Remix featuring Lady Gaga. Everyone is trying to get their hands on the video. And it may have taken a minute, but The Black Tie Affair has it, and is bringing it to all the viewers. Check It out for your self.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Kandi Is BACK!

Former Xscape member and Real Housewife of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss is back with her official album. It seems as if this is the season for new releases. Kandi a former member of Atlanta based group Xscape has been off the record for a number of years, and with a major comeback on the Bravo show The Real housewives of Atlanta, we see just how talented this woman is. At a later date fans can expect the official LP "B.L.O.G.S" from Kandi, but for now she has released on iTunes an EP of 5 tracks, including the hit Fly Above and Trade Him In feat. Gucci Mane. Kandi is truly showing the music industry that she is here to stay. Ive had the chance to personally meet Kandi and I must say she is a beautiful spirit inside and out, so I wish her nothing but success in here future endeavors. She also has a store here in Atlanta called Tags that i would enforce all the female readers to visit, you never know Kandi just may be walking through the store, or greeting you at the door. Much love to you Kandi, cant wait for the Fly Above video shoot. I know you're gonna invite TBTA right??!!!


For the past few weeks. The Good Girl Gone Bad herself has leaked tracks from her long awaited 4th album entitled "Rated-R". Yours truly had been able to grab a copy of the LP and from beginning to end Rihanna pours her heart and soul into every track. What makes this album different from her previous ones, is this one is very dark. With songs like Russian Roulette, Mad House, and Te Amo Rihanna bears it all, even the relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown. Off the record, Rihanna endured a lot, even the thought of suicide. I don't the media is ready for this one. If y'all thought the 20/20 interview was a trip wait until the album drops. As of now the official release date for Rihanna's album is expected for November 23, 2009. Make sure you get your copy!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Judge Glenda Hatchett Talks to the Men of Morehouse College

This past Thursday the honorable Judge Glenda Hatchett was the guest speaker at Morehouse College's Crown Forum. Hatchett, a well known judge and positive figure in today's society, addressed the Men of Morehouse in terms of making us better. No sooner than she stepped to the podium to speak, Hatchett let us know that we belonged to her, and that she expected nothing but the best from us. This struck home for every male sitting in the audience. I even saw one of my fellow brothers in tears from Hatchett's act of concern. As a second year student at Morehouse College, I can truly say that she is thus far the best speaker we've yet to have. She had no problem keeping it real with us, and informing us that the world we live in is a cruel one, and we must take it on, being prepared to the fullest. As a black woman growing up in Atlanta, Ga. minutes away from our profound institution, Hatchett also told us her rise to fame. An Emory University graduate to say the least. Hatchett truly represents what great things will come from those who continue on the right path. After her inspirational speech to the brothers of Morehouse, there was a small luncheon in her honor were representatives of the Black Tie Affair were also in attendance. She made sure she got around to each and every brother, dropping off even more encouraging words in the spirits of those who hungered for it. In the up coming future I look forward to working with Judge Hatchett and her new law program at Emory University. She inspires us all to be better than we were yesterday, and for that here at the Black Tie Affair we would like to send our love to her.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Congrats Mr& Mrs. Lamar Odom

The latest news on Khloe Kardashian and her marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom has had news waves blowing up!. Last week it was official and ever since then these two have not been out of the public eye. Rumors have speculated that this is all a publicity stunt for Kardashian and that no official prenuptial agreement has been issued from the Odom camp. Whatever the case may be, Khloe walked down the isle in her one of a kind Vera Wang wedding dress; with bridesmaids including sisters Kim and Kourtney. Also featured was bff Lauren London and LaLa Vasquez. The Kardashian/Odom wedding was truly the IT place to be in Beverly Hills last week. It almost was as hot as Jay-Z and Beyonce's. Mom-iger Kris Jenner sold the official wedding pics for a couple million dollars to OK magazine, who were not allowed to leak any of them until the issued hit news stands. E! was also in effect filming the entire ceremony for the next season of the Kardashian show. Talk about exclusive! But yesterday the season finale of "Kourtney & Khloe Take Miami" aired and it was sad to see the girls leave MIA. On the other hand the trailer for the next season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" also aired, and if you missed it, all i can tell you is to make sure in December you have your eyes glued to the television. This season the Kardashians wild out, they show everything leading up to Khloe's wedding, and of course the drama we love. Kourtney goes through her pregnancy, Khloe gets married, and Kim......well they had to keep us in suspense. We have to tune in to see exactly what Kim will do.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Suffer A Tragic Loss

This past weekend as two of my good friends and I hit the streets of Atlanta about 2:00 am to get some food. One of my friends twitter buzzed out of control with a ton of R.I.P AJ tweets. Curious on exactly who this AJ was he turned to me and asked. Being the entertainment lover I am there were only about two famous AJ's I knew of. Within the next few minutes, my phone went off like crazy informing me that the ex-fiancee of Kandi from the Real Housewives of Atlanta , was just stabbed and beaten to death at the local strip club "Body Tap" here in Atlanta. This was a supreme shocker for me, I could only imagine how Kandi and the children are taking this. Our hearts go out to the entire family. When will people get the message about violence, we cant keep loosing people of this craziness. This incident is said to be all over a female AJ and the bartender at Body Tap were dating at the same time. Now how about them apples.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

First YouTube Now The Maroon Tiger....

For the week of September 23-29 The Black Tie Affair has been featured in the Morehouse College newspaper, the Maroon Tiger. This feature is by far one of the greatest accomplishments the blog has yet to receive. I thought it was a joke when the corresponding editors Bryant and Jasmine emailed me, saying they wanted to meet and discuss featuring the blog in the paper. I send special kudos to the two of them, they were so professional in the interviews, and the final story came out GREAT!. Since the release of the paper, there have been non stop emails, text messages, and Facebook notifications on the feature, this experience has really gotten around campus like wildfire. For the followers who are in the AUC, I strongly suggest you all go and grab your copy of the Maroon Tiger, and read the article on myself and TBTA. Thank you all for your support, and I will continue to bring you the news from the web, and the paper. Next stop, magazines.
Much Love to you all,

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Sunday September 13th was the premiere of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. And while we were all glued to our television sets, some of the industry's most profound artist filled the city of New York once again for the awards. The night kicked off with the Michael Jackson tribute which featured his sister Janet, it was rumored that she'd practiced day and night to make sure her segment was nothing less than perfect. While everyone had their own opinions of what Ms. Jackson should do, but instead she chose to stick with a classic of the duo; Scream. From start to finish Janet kills every step as though Michael was present on stage with her, they even played the video along with her, to add to the effect; MJ's presence was defiantly in the room. What a way to kick off the show.

This year, the Queen B, Beyonce and new comer Lady Gaga were tied for a total of 9 awards, the world was dying to know who would take home the most. The highlight of the night was indeed Kanye West and his rude antics toward 17 year old country singer Taylor Swift. Unbelievably she won Best Female Artist, beating Beyonce and Lady Gaga both. Being the good sports they are, the two ladies cheered on young Swift on her first VMA, Kanye out of no where takes the microphone from here and commends Beyonce for having the "hottest video of all time for Single Ladies" this sent the media on an outrage and put both West and Swift in the public eye more than the Chris Brown incident. While Swift has gone public and forgave Kanye, the media is still having issues on letting it go. Beyonce even allowed Taylor to do her official acceptance speech in place of her Video of The Year award. Now isn't that something?, one bad judgement and now its the talk of the town, but isn't that Hollywood?. We still support Kanye here at TBTA!!!!
OH!, back to Lady Gaga, Omg, here performance was mad crazy!!!, she opens being landed under a fallen chandelier then she just wilds out. Everything from here dancers to the effects of the show, mad her another media topic. So in the middle of her performance you notice that she goes over to play the piano (who knew she played), then all of a sudden she starts bleeding, that caused for a major OMG!, it came out of no where and the fans loved every bit of it. kudos to u Gaga, u defiantly did that.
Overall this years awards show was better than any of the other ones in the days of Britney and *Nsync. TBTA is in the works of trying to be at next years, cause if all this happened this year, who knows what will happen in 2010.

The Louis Vuitton 2009 Fall Collection

Today marked the official release of the Louis Vuitton Fall collection. This is truly the season for guys. Louie V calls it "A Man's World", its primary feature is the Monogram canvas of Macassar bag. This stylish yet masculine feature will run you about $2,230, and is worth every penny. One of Louis Vuiton's spokesman, rapper Kanye West is the prime example of the monogram tote being apart of men's fashion. In other news the Fall collection is expanding its fashion for men with tons of accessories. belts, wallets, and sunglasses to say the least. Time and time again Louis Vuitton has provided us with tons of seasonal pieces to add to our wardrobe, and TBTA is letting you know that the Macassar bag is defiantly a keeper.

Friday, September 11, 2009

CONGRATS Neffe & Soullow

Yesterday Neffe (Keyshia Cole's sister) gave birth to her 5th child a baby girl names Nayla. Neffe and her fiance' Soullow together have a total of 7 kids now, so this will defiantly bring about a new spin off of the debut show "Frankie & Neffe". I don't know how many of you saw the last episode where Frankie had all the kids in her downtown Atlanta condo, but it was a MESS!!!. But here at the Black Tie we supports of them , wish them all the happiness the world has to offer. Congrats you two, we're keeping our fingers crossed that this relationship will last the test of time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Blueprint 3 Is Realeased Early!

As many may know, I am "THE JAY-Z FAN!" This guy is defiantly the truth. So when it came to the release of Jay's newest project I was with it from the jump. Rumors surfaced the net saying that the Blueprint 3 would be pushed back due to label issues, but as of yesterday, the September 11th release of the album was a no no. Jay pushed the album up 3 days and made the official release date 9/8/09. What many people fail to realize is that when you are on Jay-Z status, you can do different things like that. And of course the Black Tie Affair has the album already, that was a given factor. But, from beginning to end the Bluprint 3 is defiantly a chart topper, it also features artist like Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, and many many more. Kudos to you Jay, you certainly got the Black Tie's support. When can we expect the next tour???

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Love The 90's

At the Black Tie Affair, we like to keep up with the latest fashion. The newest thing to hit the block are the 90's retro shades. Now all the 90's babies, will defiantly remember these, every kid on the block was rocking a pair. Now some ten years later the shades have made a comeback, Jay-Z and Beyonce' have been seen all over the world with a pair of the retro's. I guess its true what the parents say, "keep all your clothes, cause in 10 years they'll come back in style". Well you've heard it here from TBTA, the retro shades are defiantly IN!, so make sure you grab a pair in all colors.

Jasmine Lynn 1990-2009

Today in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) we morn the lost of a fellow member in the class of 2012. Jasmine Lynn was a student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga who was caught in the crossfire of a gun shootout early Thursday morning. When news struck the three campus' it brought about a sudden stage of shock for us all. The fact that classes just began no more than a week ago, and now one of our classmates are no longer with us, is a hard situation to grasp. All day there have been Tweets, and Facebook messages sent about the memory of this young scholars life. There was also a night walk held in her honor; beginning at the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel on Morehouse College's campus and ending in the exact location in which she lost her life. As we morn this tragic lost, the AUC is trying to remember the happy times shared with Jasmine. We know that it will take some time to get over, but she's in a far better place. The Black Tie Affair sends their prayers to all her loved ones. She will truly be missed.

May God rest her soul....R.I.P Jasmine

Monday, August 31, 2009

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats Make It Official

I guess this is the season for all the upcoming couples to go live with their love. Last weekend Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beats went open with their relationship, and we seen out having dinner together. They seemed to really enjoy each other's company. They also wrote the new single on Whitney Houston's LP "I Look To You", the song is entitled Million Dollar Bill. Its about time we've seen these two out together, they've pulled a Jay-Z and Beyonce' move and kept quite for long enough. We'll here at the Black Tie Affair we send out blessing, and hope the two of you can stick this out, cause Alicia is a keeper!!!

Music's Newest Couple!!

Now this is a shocker!! Word on the streets is that R&B singers LeToya Luckett and Tank are dating. OMG, we never saw this coming. But with the release of her sophomore album Lady Love; LeToya is finally making a name for herself in the music industry, other than being an ex member of Destiny's Child. Sources say that the two were spotted in NYC this past week promoting their projects, and just happen to end up in the same night clubs. ummm, i wonder what that's all about. but we'll keep our eyes open on this topic. I know they are both supposed to appear in a movie together "Preacher's Kid" due later this year, maybe we'll see some on camera chemistry....Good Luck you guys

Baby Fever!!!

For the past few weeks pictures have surfed the net of The-Dream and his new love Christina Milian and what looks like a third party. A BABY!, oh wow, now isn't this major. Well according to Mediatakeout.com Milian is trying to cover the baby bump, but really isn't doing a good job. Now The-Dream on the other hand was married to Niva, who is now 9 months pregnant by Lil' Wayne, and together they have 2 children. The two divorced about a year ago. Now he's seeing Christina Milian, who we all know got dumped by Mr. Mariah Carey (Nick Cannon). If you ask me, this is a weird love triangle. But if The-Dream and Christina Milian are happy, then we wish them the best. But c'mon Christina, don't be ashamed of the baby bump, its becoming the latest fashion statement in ladies fashion.


In resent news the death of DJ AM, has sparked the music industry like wild fire. For those unfamiliar with AM, he was one of the industry's most universal DJ's to hit the scene thus far. He was also married to Nicole Richie, were they had two children. As with any death this one defiantly hits home. The believed cause of death was overdose on crack/cocaine, the National Enquire claims "their was a crack pipe laying right next to DJ AM's lifeless corpse". Whatever the case maybe, our hearts go out to the family, especially Nicole and the kids.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lil' Kim At It Again

Since her release from prison in early 2008, Lil' Kim is back at it again with another banger. "Download" with T-Pain, and Charlie Wilson is hot on all the radio stations from NYC to LA. Its good too see the Queen B back on the microphone giving us her sultry lyrics and revealing album covers. While no official album title has been released, a secretive cover was leaked on the web a few weeks ago, and you know the Black Tie Affair has it to show. Check out Kim in a different way.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chris Brown's Apology Song

Yesterday was the official release of the new single from Chris Brown entitled "Changed Man" In Memphis, the song debuted on one of the hottest radio stations K-97. The song played a total of 3 times throughout the day and listeners called giving their feedback. On the real, it was not Chris' best work, and while i totally understand that its now cool for everyone to hate him now, what he needs is a club banger to get back in the game. A simple apology song is the last thing he should be pushing for, that seems too cliche'. Better luck next time Chris...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Danity Kane....Still Together??

The breakup of Pop group Danity Kane, was a shocker to everyone in the music world. But after Diddy officially disband them, we thought that was it. Not even a month after the Finale aired and all the girls except Dawn was dropped for the Bad Boy label. A press release hit the streets and airways of the girls having a deal with Visa, for their own credit card. Ironic?...absolutely not!. Now this story has been kept under the raps for a while now, and all five of the girls are doing their own things, but you know we'll have eyes and ears open for the official yay or nay of the ladies joining back together for another album, or tour. Dawn is the only member of the group that is still in the news; two days ago she celebrated her birthday where on her Twitter she twitpic'd of a new puppy her beau Q (of Day 26) bought her. She is also a member of Diddy's new trio Dirty Money, which includes the two of them and a new comer who raps.

The Kardashian Sisters

Now you all know I'm a fan of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and a major fan of Kim. Together all three of the Kardashian sisters hold their own and continue to roll in dough. With the close of the final season of the show. Kourtney and Khloe decided to move their adventures to Miami while Kim held her own in LA. The title of their new show is called "Kourtney & Khloe take Miami". This is one show I know ill be glued to the TV to watch. Fine girl who make they own money, can we say a HIT!.

But in other news I know everyone heard about the Reggie and Kim breakup, and while everyone has their own opinion on what happened; the two of them are the ones who will truly know. I know i kept getting reviews saying it was because of the sex tap with Ray-J, but if that was the case Reggie wouldn't pursued Kim in the first place. But here at the Black Tie Affair, we wanna send our positive remarks on the situation and wish the two of them much much success in the future, weather together or not.


Over the past few months the rumor of Whitney Houston returning to the music scene, has had everyone on the edge of their seats. Well, be prepared to fall out of your chair on this one. She's making a comeback. On August 30 you can expect the official release of Whitney's album "I Look To You". The media is going crazy over this one. We all know that for the past 5 or 6 years Whitney has been a target in the press for her "drug addiction" and relationship to husband Bobby Brown. But through it all it seems like Whitney is finally coming back to her original roots. MUSIC!!!!. I cant wait until the album comes out, I know the sales are gonna be through the roof, as Whitney always do. We continue to keep her in our prayers and wish her the best. YOU GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Is Tere'z?....

Here at the Black Tie Affair, we're trying to showcase new talent. Another lyricist we've come across is Tere'z, also a Memphis native and trying to get his breakout into the industry. This potential Hip-Hop artist grabs his listeners and takes them to his world, by making you listen to his story, experience his life, and also make u bump him in your car. Tere'z has broadcast his tracks on all the popular social networking sites; Myspace, YouTube Facebook, etc. where he and the Trak$ Gang have gained major hits. He has also appeared on the mic in many of Memphis' hottest night clubs, where he ripped any competition that would step his way. Tere'z has been a good friend of mine for the last 4 years, and one thing i can honestly say about him is that, this guy is a go getter! Right now Tere'z resigns in Memphis, TN and he along with the Trak$ Gang ent and K&C productions are working constantly to produce an official album. If you haven't heard any of Tere'z tracks go to his myspace page www.myspace.com/malloryheightz and check him out. My boy has mad skills.

Martin Louis the King Jr.

OMG!...Kanye has done it again. Now everyone knows Kanye is the poster kid for the big Ego. But a few weeks ago, Yeezy released a statement to the press concerning the death of Michael Jackson. Now we all knew Michael as the King of Pop, and even in his passing he will still live on to that. Kanye being the guy he is, the critic and self acclaimed "Best rapper ever created" is now wanting to go by a new name "Martin Louis the King Jr." or "The New King of Pop". Okay Kanye, normally I'm with you on these things, but this is a little bizarre. Plus, the main question is where in the world did the reference to MLK come from??? Whatever the case maybe, trust and believe this isn't the last time you'll hear of Kanye's new fiasco's'.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New iPhone Update

A few months ago the release of the iPhone 3GS was released. This phone a mere minor version of the original 3rd generation iPhone that was released early in 2008. Apple just released the 2nd update for the summer. While I'm not to sure of what this update will consist of, you know the people here at the Black Tie Affair Blog will have this thing on lock. I just hope Apple has stepped its game up and improved the battery life in this thing. I know with the first update thousands of iPhone users were extremely ticked off knowing that they didn't get the same features on the 3rd generation as the 3GS...i feel another blog coming with this.

The Frankie & Neffe Show

With the out break of Keyshia Cole's BET show, last fall. Viewers got a first hand view on the singer and her everyday life. The most mind bottling this was her relationship with her sister Neffe, and her resent incarcerated mother Frankie, who also suffered from a drug addiction. For the past two seasons the constant battle of Keyshia, Neffe, and Frankie gained the major ratings which has lead the producers at BET to the launch of "The Frankie & Neffe Show". The mother and daughter duo are back at it again this time baring all, and telling the truth about their relationship. Hopefully this show will gain the same ratings as Keyshia's show did. But you know the BLACK TIE AFFAIR will be glued to the television when the show at 10:30/ 9:30 central. Good luck the two of you, we're rooting for you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jasmine's Question Of The Day

Question of the Day: How come things can never be balanced? How come we can never have the love of our life and the perfect career?

Tiny & Toya

The long awaited series Tiny & Toya has officially aired two episodes of it first season. Where most reality shows really show their potential is in the first few episodes, that's when viewers really decide weather or not its worth rushing home from work to see. On the night of the 2009 BET Awards, the sneak peak of the first season aired, and views fell in love with the two ladies. Tiny, a former member of the 90's group Xcape, and fiance to Hip-Hop artist T.I. really brings you into her life through the show. We watch her battle for her own independence, while striving to be a loving mother, supportive companion to TIP, and friend to Toya. While it seems she has it all, there is still a sense of emptiness in her life. And at this point in the show T.I. is getting ready to go away to prison for his year and a day sentence, so this forces Tiny to figure how will she deal with the absence of him, and still live her own life. Toya, the ex-wife of rapper Lil' Wayne is struggling to deal with her own issues. Her love life seems to be in shingles, and the quest to keep her mother off drugs, seems to trouble her daily, along with raising her daughter Reginae, whom she and Wayne had at the age of 15. Toya, a 7 ward New Orleans native, is really trying to make a name for herself out side of Lil' Wayne; but to the public eye she seems to be stuck in the "Baby Mama" category. Together, these two ladies take on the city of Atlanta by storm in their quest for supreme happiness, but with the tabloids constantly on their tails, its hard to prove themselves out side of their famous companions. This show will truly go far, a lot of people want to sleep on it, and not take it serious, but if you remember when Keyshia Cole first aired her show a few years ago, people knew it would be some mess, and now its one of BET's greatest projects, so tune in to Tiny & Toya every Tuesday, and see for yourself.....

The Wendy Williams Show

Early this week the radio show diva Wendy Williams broadcast her talk show on BET. As if the network hadn't had enough new shows, they add Wendy. While I do like some of the stuff Wendy talks about, and she does manage to give you the scoop regardless of what the out come is, I found the first episode of the show quite interesting. On the real, it was very unorganized, and it didn't seem like they had a proper run-through before they hit the air. Anyway, I did like the "Scoop" part of the show, she talked about Solange and Beyonce's relationship and how she supported them to the fullest. As soon as I was getting into the show, these audience members step up to the microphone and wanna talk smack about the Knowles. MAJOR NO NO!!!. But all in all, I liked when Wendy had her radio show live in New York, and broadcast live on VH1, you might remember it as the "Wendy Williams Experience", she had different guest appear in the studio and talked about their issues, now that was my show. But in resent news Wendy had to cancel that show due to issues with her and her sidekick Charlemagne. But here at the Black Tie Affair, we believe in second chances, so we're gonna see just how long Wendy's show will go on BET. I'm wishing her the best!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Black Tie Affair Is On YouTube

Today was the official launch of the Black Tie Affair's Video Promotion on YouTube. The video was created by J.O, an up and coming artist that the Black Tie came across. Checkout this masterpiece he created for the site. And I hope all of you support, and get the video a billion hits!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Introducing J.O.

The Black Tie Affair Blog is looking into expanding its blogs to new music, and is on the search for the hottest talent around; rappers, poets, musicians, etc. The latest artist to come across the Black Tie Movement is 19 year old J.O. A Memphis, TN native and a Sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University. J.O likes to consider himself as a lyricist/poet turned rapper. I can't tell you how long its been since we've seen young talent with this positive attitude. But what makes him different from the other is that, he isn't your typical behind the scenes writer. J.O likes to be hands on with his music, in this process he does everything from the composing to the craft of his videos. Although J.O is an upcoming artist, he as taken the technology avenue by storm, by first uploading his tracks on the infamous YouTube, and now the Black Tie Affair. With his southern roots planted firmly in the heart of Memphis, J.O walks the grounds of the great artists who came before him like Yo Gotti and Three 6 Mafia. So here is one of J.O's latest tracks with the lady of Young Money, Nikki Minaj, as they both murder the "Go Hard" track with some crazy lyrics. Stay tuned to more from J.O cause the Black Tie Affair is really feeling this cat, and after you hear him, so will you....


My President