Monday, August 31, 2009

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats Make It Official

I guess this is the season for all the upcoming couples to go live with their love. Last weekend Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beats went open with their relationship, and we seen out having dinner together. They seemed to really enjoy each other's company. They also wrote the new single on Whitney Houston's LP "I Look To You", the song is entitled Million Dollar Bill. Its about time we've seen these two out together, they've pulled a Jay-Z and Beyonce' move and kept quite for long enough. We'll here at the Black Tie Affair we send out blessing, and hope the two of you can stick this out, cause Alicia is a keeper!!!

Music's Newest Couple!!

Now this is a shocker!! Word on the streets is that R&B singers LeToya Luckett and Tank are dating. OMG, we never saw this coming. But with the release of her sophomore album Lady Love; LeToya is finally making a name for herself in the music industry, other than being an ex member of Destiny's Child. Sources say that the two were spotted in NYC this past week promoting their projects, and just happen to end up in the same night clubs. ummm, i wonder what that's all about. but we'll keep our eyes open on this topic. I know they are both supposed to appear in a movie together "Preacher's Kid" due later this year, maybe we'll see some on camera chemistry....Good Luck you guys

Baby Fever!!!

For the past few weeks pictures have surfed the net of The-Dream and his new love Christina Milian and what looks like a third party. A BABY!, oh wow, now isn't this major. Well according to Milian is trying to cover the baby bump, but really isn't doing a good job. Now The-Dream on the other hand was married to Niva, who is now 9 months pregnant by Lil' Wayne, and together they have 2 children. The two divorced about a year ago. Now he's seeing Christina Milian, who we all know got dumped by Mr. Mariah Carey (Nick Cannon). If you ask me, this is a weird love triangle. But if The-Dream and Christina Milian are happy, then we wish them the best. But c'mon Christina, don't be ashamed of the baby bump, its becoming the latest fashion statement in ladies fashion.


In resent news the death of DJ AM, has sparked the music industry like wild fire. For those unfamiliar with AM, he was one of the industry's most universal DJ's to hit the scene thus far. He was also married to Nicole Richie, were they had two children. As with any death this one defiantly hits home. The believed cause of death was overdose on crack/cocaine, the National Enquire claims "their was a crack pipe laying right next to DJ AM's lifeless corpse". Whatever the case maybe, our hearts go out to the family, especially Nicole and the kids.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lil' Kim At It Again

Since her release from prison in early 2008, Lil' Kim is back at it again with another banger. "Download" with T-Pain, and Charlie Wilson is hot on all the radio stations from NYC to LA. Its good too see the Queen B back on the microphone giving us her sultry lyrics and revealing album covers. While no official album title has been released, a secretive cover was leaked on the web a few weeks ago, and you know the Black Tie Affair has it to show. Check out Kim in a different way.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chris Brown's Apology Song

Yesterday was the official release of the new single from Chris Brown entitled "Changed Man" In Memphis, the song debuted on one of the hottest radio stations K-97. The song played a total of 3 times throughout the day and listeners called giving their feedback. On the real, it was not Chris' best work, and while i totally understand that its now cool for everyone to hate him now, what he needs is a club banger to get back in the game. A simple apology song is the last thing he should be pushing for, that seems too cliche'. Better luck next time Chris...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Danity Kane....Still Together??

The breakup of Pop group Danity Kane, was a shocker to everyone in the music world. But after Diddy officially disband them, we thought that was it. Not even a month after the Finale aired and all the girls except Dawn was dropped for the Bad Boy label. A press release hit the streets and airways of the girls having a deal with Visa, for their own credit card. Ironic?...absolutely not!. Now this story has been kept under the raps for a while now, and all five of the girls are doing their own things, but you know we'll have eyes and ears open for the official yay or nay of the ladies joining back together for another album, or tour. Dawn is the only member of the group that is still in the news; two days ago she celebrated her birthday where on her Twitter she twitpic'd of a new puppy her beau Q (of Day 26) bought her. She is also a member of Diddy's new trio Dirty Money, which includes the two of them and a new comer who raps.

The Kardashian Sisters

Now you all know I'm a fan of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and a major fan of Kim. Together all three of the Kardashian sisters hold their own and continue to roll in dough. With the close of the final season of the show. Kourtney and Khloe decided to move their adventures to Miami while Kim held her own in LA. The title of their new show is called "Kourtney & Khloe take Miami". This is one show I know ill be glued to the TV to watch. Fine girl who make they own money, can we say a HIT!.

But in other news I know everyone heard about the Reggie and Kim breakup, and while everyone has their own opinion on what happened; the two of them are the ones who will truly know. I know i kept getting reviews saying it was because of the sex tap with Ray-J, but if that was the case Reggie wouldn't pursued Kim in the first place. But here at the Black Tie Affair, we wanna send our positive remarks on the situation and wish the two of them much much success in the future, weather together or not.


Over the past few months the rumor of Whitney Houston returning to the music scene, has had everyone on the edge of their seats. Well, be prepared to fall out of your chair on this one. She's making a comeback. On August 30 you can expect the official release of Whitney's album "I Look To You". The media is going crazy over this one. We all know that for the past 5 or 6 years Whitney has been a target in the press for her "drug addiction" and relationship to husband Bobby Brown. But through it all it seems like Whitney is finally coming back to her original roots. MUSIC!!!!. I cant wait until the album comes out, I know the sales are gonna be through the roof, as Whitney always do. We continue to keep her in our prayers and wish her the best. YOU GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Is Tere'z?....

Here at the Black Tie Affair, we're trying to showcase new talent. Another lyricist we've come across is Tere'z, also a Memphis native and trying to get his breakout into the industry. This potential Hip-Hop artist grabs his listeners and takes them to his world, by making you listen to his story, experience his life, and also make u bump him in your car. Tere'z has broadcast his tracks on all the popular social networking sites; Myspace, YouTube Facebook, etc. where he and the Trak$ Gang have gained major hits. He has also appeared on the mic in many of Memphis' hottest night clubs, where he ripped any competition that would step his way. Tere'z has been a good friend of mine for the last 4 years, and one thing i can honestly say about him is that, this guy is a go getter! Right now Tere'z resigns in Memphis, TN and he along with the Trak$ Gang ent and K&C productions are working constantly to produce an official album. If you haven't heard any of Tere'z tracks go to his myspace page and check him out. My boy has mad skills.

Martin Louis the King Jr.

OMG!...Kanye has done it again. Now everyone knows Kanye is the poster kid for the big Ego. But a few weeks ago, Yeezy released a statement to the press concerning the death of Michael Jackson. Now we all knew Michael as the King of Pop, and even in his passing he will still live on to that. Kanye being the guy he is, the critic and self acclaimed "Best rapper ever created" is now wanting to go by a new name "Martin Louis the King Jr." or "The New King of Pop". Okay Kanye, normally I'm with you on these things, but this is a little bizarre. Plus, the main question is where in the world did the reference to MLK come from??? Whatever the case maybe, trust and believe this isn't the last time you'll hear of Kanye's new fiasco's'.

Monday, August 3, 2009

New iPhone Update

A few months ago the release of the iPhone 3GS was released. This phone a mere minor version of the original 3rd generation iPhone that was released early in 2008. Apple just released the 2nd update for the summer. While I'm not to sure of what this update will consist of, you know the people here at the Black Tie Affair Blog will have this thing on lock. I just hope Apple has stepped its game up and improved the battery life in this thing. I know with the first update thousands of iPhone users were extremely ticked off knowing that they didn't get the same features on the 3rd generation as the 3GS...i feel another blog coming with this.

The Frankie & Neffe Show

With the out break of Keyshia Cole's BET show, last fall. Viewers got a first hand view on the singer and her everyday life. The most mind bottling this was her relationship with her sister Neffe, and her resent incarcerated mother Frankie, who also suffered from a drug addiction. For the past two seasons the constant battle of Keyshia, Neffe, and Frankie gained the major ratings which has lead the producers at BET to the launch of "The Frankie & Neffe Show". The mother and daughter duo are back at it again this time baring all, and telling the truth about their relationship. Hopefully this show will gain the same ratings as Keyshia's show did. But you know the BLACK TIE AFFAIR will be glued to the television when the show at 10:30/ 9:30 central. Good luck the two of you, we're rooting for you.


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