Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sell Back Books The Bookstore Won't Take Back!!!

Hello world! When I first saw this I didn't believe it either, but you can actually sell back the books your college bookstore will not take back. The organization is called Belltower Books and they buy back your old books. In its Information Section of the website, Belltower Books says; "Belltower Books was founded by two Cornell students to give fellow students a way to sell all of their textbooks conveniently. As students ourselves, we grew tired of book buy-backs that wouldn't buy all of our texts. As Cornellians, we didn't want to fight hills or snow or exams when selling our books. Now, with Belltower Books, students can turn their old textbooks into quick cash with NO EFFORT!" And now the Northern based organization is here in the AUC. With groups on Facebook, and workers on campus this is defiantly a college students dream. Did I forget to mention, once you schedule an appointment with them, they will come to you and give cash on the spot. I know a lot of y'all are still holding on to books that your various bookstores would not accept back, and they're collecting dust. so TBTA has the official link to Belltower Books. Cash in your books today!!!!

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