Saturday, August 8, 2009

Danity Kane....Still Together??

The breakup of Pop group Danity Kane, was a shocker to everyone in the music world. But after Diddy officially disband them, we thought that was it. Not even a month after the Finale aired and all the girls except Dawn was dropped for the Bad Boy label. A press release hit the streets and airways of the girls having a deal with Visa, for their own credit card. Ironic?...absolutely not!. Now this story has been kept under the raps for a while now, and all five of the girls are doing their own things, but you know we'll have eyes and ears open for the official yay or nay of the ladies joining back together for another album, or tour. Dawn is the only member of the group that is still in the news; two days ago she celebrated her birthday where on her Twitter she twitpic'd of a new puppy her beau Q (of Day 26) bought her. She is also a member of Diddy's new trio Dirty Money, which includes the two of them and a new comer who raps.

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