Friday, August 7, 2009

Martin Louis the King Jr.

OMG!...Kanye has done it again. Now everyone knows Kanye is the poster kid for the big Ego. But a few weeks ago, Yeezy released a statement to the press concerning the death of Michael Jackson. Now we all knew Michael as the King of Pop, and even in his passing he will still live on to that. Kanye being the guy he is, the critic and self acclaimed "Best rapper ever created" is now wanting to go by a new name "Martin Louis the King Jr." or "The New King of Pop". Okay Kanye, normally I'm with you on these things, but this is a little bizarre. Plus, the main question is where in the world did the reference to MLK come from??? Whatever the case maybe, trust and believe this isn't the last time you'll hear of Kanye's new fiasco's'.

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  1. Yea I loooove kanye to death frm his music to his fashion....but that name isn't working with me! Its Kanye to



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