Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards

Sunday September 13th was the premiere of the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. And while we were all glued to our television sets, some of the industry's most profound artist filled the city of New York once again for the awards. The night kicked off with the Michael Jackson tribute which featured his sister Janet, it was rumored that she'd practiced day and night to make sure her segment was nothing less than perfect. While everyone had their own opinions of what Ms. Jackson should do, but instead she chose to stick with a classic of the duo; Scream. From start to finish Janet kills every step as though Michael was present on stage with her, they even played the video along with her, to add to the effect; MJ's presence was defiantly in the room. What a way to kick off the show.

This year, the Queen B, Beyonce and new comer Lady Gaga were tied for a total of 9 awards, the world was dying to know who would take home the most. The highlight of the night was indeed Kanye West and his rude antics toward 17 year old country singer Taylor Swift. Unbelievably she won Best Female Artist, beating Beyonce and Lady Gaga both. Being the good sports they are, the two ladies cheered on young Swift on her first VMA, Kanye out of no where takes the microphone from here and commends Beyonce for having the "hottest video of all time for Single Ladies" this sent the media on an outrage and put both West and Swift in the public eye more than the Chris Brown incident. While Swift has gone public and forgave Kanye, the media is still having issues on letting it go. Beyonce even allowed Taylor to do her official acceptance speech in place of her Video of The Year award. Now isn't that something?, one bad judgement and now its the talk of the town, but isn't that Hollywood?. We still support Kanye here at TBTA!!!!
OH!, back to Lady Gaga, Omg, here performance was mad crazy!!!, she opens being landed under a fallen chandelier then she just wilds out. Everything from here dancers to the effects of the show, mad her another media topic. So in the middle of her performance you notice that she goes over to play the piano (who knew she played), then all of a sudden she starts bleeding, that caused for a major OMG!, it came out of no where and the fans loved every bit of it. kudos to u Gaga, u defiantly did that.
Overall this years awards show was better than any of the other ones in the days of Britney and *Nsync. TBTA is in the works of trying to be at next years, cause if all this happened this year, who knows what will happen in 2010.

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