Thursday, September 3, 2009

Jasmine Lynn 1990-2009

Today in the AUC (Atlanta University Center) we morn the lost of a fellow member in the class of 2012. Jasmine Lynn was a student at Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga who was caught in the crossfire of a gun shootout early Thursday morning. When news struck the three campus' it brought about a sudden stage of shock for us all. The fact that classes just began no more than a week ago, and now one of our classmates are no longer with us, is a hard situation to grasp. All day there have been Tweets, and Facebook messages sent about the memory of this young scholars life. There was also a night walk held in her honor; beginning at the famous Martin Luther King, Jr. International Chapel on Morehouse College's campus and ending in the exact location in which she lost her life. As we morn this tragic lost, the AUC is trying to remember the happy times shared with Jasmine. We know that it will take some time to get over, but she's in a far better place. The Black Tie Affair sends their prayers to all her loved ones. She will truly be missed.

May God rest her soul....R.I.P Jasmine

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