Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For the past few weeks. The Good Girl Gone Bad herself has leaked tracks from her long awaited 4th album entitled "Rated-R". Yours truly had been able to grab a copy of the LP and from beginning to end Rihanna pours her heart and soul into every track. What makes this album different from her previous ones, is this one is very dark. With songs like Russian Roulette, Mad House, and Te Amo Rihanna bears it all, even the relationship with former boyfriend Chris Brown. Off the record, Rihanna endured a lot, even the thought of suicide. I don't the media is ready for this one. If y'all thought the 20/20 interview was a trip wait until the album drops. As of now the official release date for Rihanna's album is expected for November 23, 2009. Make sure you get your copy!

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