Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pink Friday-The Album

After months and months of waiting. The love of my life Nicki Minaj has released the official cover for her new album "Pink Friday-The Album". Its looking to hit shelves on November 22, 2010. Nicki has really been on a fast incline in the music industry. Breaking the Billboard Hot 100 record for the only female rapper to be featured on more than 10 number 1 hits, Nicki has truly shown the world that she's here to stay. So you know Pink Friday is gonna come with it! With already hits like Your Love, Massive Attack & Check It Out, Nicki has a few other tracks that she's saving for when the album drops. We here at Black Tie supports Nicki to the fullest, and will defiantly have our copy of the album on release day. Hopefully Nicki will do a personal feature on our site in the future. LET's MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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