Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rihanna: Album #5???

From Music of the Sun to Rated R. Rihanna has shown the world her growth, pain, and sorrow. Now for album number 5 she's getting LOUD! Yes people, the Good Girl Gone Bad, is releasing her 5th studio album entitled Loud. Already, Ri Ri has leaked tracks of the album, and you know Black Tie got them! Some of the features on the album include the new single "Only Girl (In The World)", "What's My Name" ft. Drake, and "Who's That Chick" ft. David Guetta. We must say, this album kinda caught us by surprise, insiders say that Rihanna is pushing the album for mid November, but nothing is set in stone. Ri Ri is really making that paper and we LOVE IT! she just finished her world tour The Last Girl On Earth, selling out shows global, so its the perfect time to drop another album. A few days ago, Rihanna leaked the official album cover for Loud. And here at Black Tie we are bringing it to you FIRST! so if you see it anywhere else, know they took it from us.

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