Monday, October 11, 2010


"WILL THEY ONLY LOOK AT US AS A GAY SCHOOL? OR THE FACT THAT WE PRODUCE THE WORLD'S MOST ELITE." The article is entitled "The Mean Girls of Morehouse". In VIBE Magazine's latest issues, critics chose to address the various gay issues at the world's greatest institution for black men. As a student at Morehouse, it affects me every time the media wishes to speak negatively about my school. As studies have shown, the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual community has been around for centuries, so now in this day and age, where we are prone to accept things more; the question must be asked. What is the over-all reason for society's hatred toward this community? In the article, that was strongly opinionated, the author spoke as if they knew EXACTLY the means of being a product of this institution. Now, being a student I will not say that Morehouse is 100% perfect because every place has its fair share of problems and issues. But! from this article, I really wish they'd talked to the gay community at Morehouse College and got an hands on opinion and stand point from them. I give much respect to the former Morehouse brother they did interview, but it seems as if he wanted to subliminally bash the school for not accepting him. When he knew on a first hand basis that, with a institution like Morehouse, dresses, hand bags, and heels WILL NOT be acceptable. So now is not the time to feel discriminated against. As the 10th President of Morehouse College stated some time ago, "Morehouse is not a GAY school, it is a GREAT school". "Here we walk the grounds of great men to become greater men!" simple quotes like this lets you know that place is no joke. As far as VIBE and their article, I give them respect for their craft, but I totally disagree on the way they chose to address the situation. Not every man that attends and graduates from Morehouse is homosexual, nor will he be the next CEO of a fortune 500 company. But know this, EVERY product of Morehouse College is a success story in their own way, weather gay or straight. That's the thing about attending a private institution like Morehouse, Spelman, Clark Atlanta, and other HBCU's. Its such a nurturing environment, that you will only understand it if you attend. And that they mold and make you into leaders. All to make our community and world a better place.

For your own take on the VIBE article, Black Tie is posting the official link for you to read.

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  1. Great Commentary from a bright young Morehouse man.

    I want Morehouse to progress and do what they can to help the world overcome homophobia. Especially in such an important place like Morehouse that grooms young black leaders of our future. But I have to ask the question......why would a person who identifies himself as a woman, want to enroll at a school with a bunch of young men who identify themselves as men? IF we are accepting people based on how they identify themselves, why not enroll at Spelman?

    I applaud these young men for being themselves on one hand but the idea that who they are should always be accepted by everyone else is not realistic. They should be battling for respect because acceptance is something that people can go their whole life without attaining. And something that I hope they are not chasing in order to be happy.



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