Friday, July 3, 2009

Jazmine Sullivan

In the summer of 2008 the music industry got its newest breakout star, Philly native Jazmine Sullivan. Her first official hit single "Need You Bad" brought Jazmine from behind the scene to the lime light that she deserves. For many years, Sullivan was known for writing countless hits for today's R&B singers. Remember Christina Milian's single Say I featuring Young Jeezy, well Jazmine wrote that for her. On her unreleased LP of her Live In London, Jazmine shows the Brits just how this Philly native can sing you right out of your socks. In addition to, Jaz is no stranger to the spotlight, at the tender age of 14 she appeared on Showtime at the Apollo, and killed a version of "If God Allows", since then people have wondered where did a girl like this get such an extravagant voice. But in 2008 Jazmine stepped to the microphone once again, this time she was recording samples for someone else, she was recording her Grammy nominated album Fearless. And from Track 1 to the Bonus Track "Best of Me" she gives you her heart and soul. Jazmine is truly here to stay!!!! Aside from her released album, Jaz has recorded her own renditions of Round Midnite by Thelonius Monk, Resentment originally recorded by Victoria Beckham, and her own twist to Kanye West's Flashing Lights. And though the originators stamped their permanent label on the songs, Jazmine Sullivan kills it her own way. Cant wait for the next album Jazmine

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