Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Drake Hype

Okay, here's a topic I tried to stay away from. But you all are familiar with Drake, he has that song with Lil' Wayne, "Best I Ever Had", and the "Successful" joint with Trey Songz. But on the real I'm trying to understand this "Drake Hype" I don't know what it is, but I just cant get down with this cat. If I remember correctly, isn't her the same dude from Degrassi? Now don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the brother, and I wish him much success, but I'm not feeling the image he's pushing. Today the video for his hit "Best I Ever Had" dropped, and while I love the sexy models he put in the video, it simply had no plot. Many may argue and say that all Hip-Hop videos today are just about money, cars, and cash, but Drake;s video doesn't even posses that. In the video he plays a basketball coach for a female team and tells them that they all are the best...WTF Drake, you could have made that video in your backyard. Michael Jackson would not approve this catastrophe. As though things couldn't get any worse, I know all of you saw his performance on the BET AWARDS, every female I know was sitting in front of the TV waiting to see him come out. So he finally performs the song with Wayne, and all of a sudden it looks like Drake got a little R.Kelly in his blood, cause the girls that came on stage looked about 13-15 years old, and correct me if I'm wrong y'all, was Lil' Wayne's daughter on the stage too?? That was just a mess!!...I hate to see a fellow light skined brother making a mockery of himself. I need Drake to get it together really soon, cause "Successful" is a hit if you ask me, but the video to "Best I Ever Had" is WAAAAAAAAACK! Check it out for your self.....

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