Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kanye West Has DONe it Again

Today was the official launch of the Louis Vuitton Don's sneaker line with LV. Just when you though Kanye could'nt do enough, he brings his newly attained fashion to the feet of his fans. The DON's, Jasper's, and Mr. Hudson's are the three main shoe names that Kanye launched today. And with the name like Louis Vuitton attached, you know they are not cheep. To grab a pair of Kanye's trendy kicks will run you about $900. WOW!, and I thought the Yeezy's were something. Well I guess college students will be using their refund checks, and homeowners will be a little behind on rent to grab these. Me, I think I'll just admire his style, and not even swipe the card for these. Great idea, bad choice of coloring. Oh! and ya'll may say im wrong for this, but you know how black peple do, someone will defantly try to boot-leg these, so here's the official ATTENTION!....NO SWAGGA JACKIN'. Kanye, your welcome for that.

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