Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tiny & Toya

The long awaited series Tiny & Toya has officially aired two episodes of it first season. Where most reality shows really show their potential is in the first few episodes, that's when viewers really decide weather or not its worth rushing home from work to see. On the night of the 2009 BET Awards, the sneak peak of the first season aired, and views fell in love with the two ladies. Tiny, a former member of the 90's group Xcape, and fiance to Hip-Hop artist T.I. really brings you into her life through the show. We watch her battle for her own independence, while striving to be a loving mother, supportive companion to TIP, and friend to Toya. While it seems she has it all, there is still a sense of emptiness in her life. And at this point in the show T.I. is getting ready to go away to prison for his year and a day sentence, so this forces Tiny to figure how will she deal with the absence of him, and still live her own life. Toya, the ex-wife of rapper Lil' Wayne is struggling to deal with her own issues. Her love life seems to be in shingles, and the quest to keep her mother off drugs, seems to trouble her daily, along with raising her daughter Reginae, whom she and Wayne had at the age of 15. Toya, a 7 ward New Orleans native, is really trying to make a name for herself out side of Lil' Wayne; but to the public eye she seems to be stuck in the "Baby Mama" category. Together, these two ladies take on the city of Atlanta by storm in their quest for supreme happiness, but with the tabloids constantly on their tails, its hard to prove themselves out side of their famous companions. This show will truly go far, a lot of people want to sleep on it, and not take it serious, but if you remember when Keyshia Cole first aired her show a few years ago, people knew it would be some mess, and now its one of BET's greatest projects, so tune in to Tiny & Toya every Tuesday, and see for yourself.....

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