Friday, July 3, 2009

Skank Robbers...

On the 2009 BET AWARDS, Jamie introduced the trailer for his movie "Skank Robbers" featuring Martin Lawrence. I don't know if its a spoof or they're actually planning on making this movie happen. But I've received nothing but positive feedback for Jamie and Martin to make this happen. Its been years since we've seen Sheneneh and like Martin she's gotten a little older, but thats okay, she still keeping it gangsta!!. And I know some of you wondering where in the heck did this Wanda character cone from. Well when Jamie first broke out in the comedy scene, he debuted on In Livin' Color with the Wayans Bros. and his infamous character Wanda was a big hit. Who would have ever thought that these two would ever team up and rob a bank!...OMG, can we say HIT MOVIE!. If you missed the trailer on the BET AWARDS, your boy dford is providing you with the Official Trailer of what we're calling the must see movie of the century.

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  1. Well, I;'ll be the first to give you some negative feedback. Martin and Jamie should be ashamed for playing such coon characters and helping to further degrade Black women. These Black entertainers are worse than the Al Jolson and the vaudeville/minstrel show actorsof old!



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