Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jeremih and the "Birthday Sex" fiasco

Today the "Birthday Sex" singer Jeremih released his long waited LP, self titled JEREMIH. From various reviews, it seems that this album is just ok. How could the one person that had every guy wanting some on their birthday, and every female wanting those $900 Guiseppe Zanotti shoes (the shoes that the model is wearing throughout the video) have just an ok album, this was supposed to be the album of the summer. But with the great press that Jeremih has received, it was quite disapointing to see his live performance at the BET AWARDS Red Carpet Show; was it nerves, or he really cant sing. Whatever the case may be, I believe in everyone getting a second chance. So lets just give Jeremih a few more singles, and im sure that this album will be one for the history books. If not, can we say "One Hit Wonder", and years from now we'll be old and grey and remember the summer of 2009 when we had a song like "Birthday Sex" and our children will look at us like WTF?...

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